Independent Schools Receive Data-Informed Consulting Services

Ari Betof
Ari Betof

An experienced school administrator, Ari Betof has a doctoral degree from the University of Pennsylvania with focus on organizational dynamics and financial sustainability. Ari Betof is also a frequent presenter at national and regional conferences and serves as the president of Organizational Sustainability Consulting, LLC, in Brookline, Massachusetts.

Organizational Sustainability Consulting is a mission-driven firm that fosters the health and vitality of groups that operate in the social-service sector. In addition to nonprofits and small colleges, the firm provides consulting assistance to independent schools.

These institutions benefit from a data-driven approach, which promote financial and organizational sustainability. They also receive access to an array of coaching for senior leaders and boards of trustees including executive coaching, retreats, working sessions and strategic-planning consultation. Moreover, Organizational Sustainability helps independent schools in conducting fundraising and enrollment management audits, financial modeling, and viability analysis.

For further information on services offered by Organizational Sustainability Consulting, visit

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