The Leadership Brainery Offers National Ambassador Fellowships

Ari Betof
Ari Betof

President of Organizational Sustainability Consulting, where he coaches executives on institutional leadership and effectiveness. In addition to his consulting work, Ari Betof regularly speaks on leadership and governance topics. He supports a spectrum of organizations, inclduing The Leadership Brainery in Boston, MA.

A nonprofit group, The Leadership Brainery helps underrepresented and first-generation college students access graduate and professional-level academic programs. The organization seeks to alleviate the disparity amongst minorities in professional positions through its National Ambassador Fellowship program.

The National Ambassador Fellowship chooses one undergraduate student from across the US states and Puerto Rico to join the program. The selection process is competitive and requires all candidates to be nominated. A limited number of these individuals are invited to submit personal leadership statements and participate in video interviews. Fellows are then accepted into to The Leadership Brainery program from this whittled-down pool of nominees.

Ambassadors receive supportive services that include three years of personal and professional development, graduate-school admissions assistance, and preparation materials for the Law School Admission Test, the Medical College Admission Test, and the Graduate Management Admission Test. Upon completion of the program, ambassadors provide a trusted diversity pipeline for industry recruiters and professional-degree programs recruiting innovative leaders and change agents.

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