Membership Organizations Benefit from Expert Consultants Too

Ari Betof
Ari Betof

Nonprofit membership organizations serve their member institutions by providing expert advice and support. But these organizations benefit from expert consultation too. As president of Organizational Sustainability Consulting, Dr. Ari Betof advises, consults to, and facilitates expert workshop sessions for membership organizations in addition to his consulting work with other nonprofits. In the past year, Ari Betof served as a senior advisor for the New England Association of Schools and Colleges (NEASC) and completed projects for several other membership organizations. Experienced in leadership development and governance, Dr. Ari Betof recently completed a data analysis project about board chair and head of school succession for the Association of Delaware Valley Independent Schools (ADVIS).

Dr. Ari Betof also regularly speaks at industry events, including two recent presentations for the New Jersey Association of Independent Schools (NJAIS). The first presentation was a panel discussion on challenging in a competitive marketplace and the impact of antitrust laws on nonprofits at the NJAIS Finance Officers’ Conference. Several weeks later, Dr. Ari Betof lead an extended workshop session on managing up, organizational savvy, and influence without authority at the NJAIS Admission Officer’s Conference.

Since its founding in 1958, NJAIS has worked to foster and advance the educational capabilities of private schools in New Jersey. In addition to advocating for member schools at the local and federal level, NJAIS provides professional development opportunities and promotes best practices. Moreover, the organization operates a rigorous accreditation program.

Ari Betof has has served as a two term trustee of the Friends Council on Education. He has been a faculty member for the National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS) School Leadership Program as well as a working group member for several NAIS strategic projects. Dr. Ari Betof has presented at multiple international and national conferences, including the NAIS Annual Conference and the Enrollment Management Association Annual Conference.

Published by aribetof

Ari Betof is a senior leader and management consultant with 15+ years of experience building sustainable organizations and maximizing revenue growth. He leverages a combination of expertise in organizational stewardship and transferable skills such as principal gift fundraising, quantitative analysis, and strategic planning to drive mission-aligned, high-impact change. Ari is an agile, savvy, and emotionally intelligent partner who achieves results, builds trusting relationships, develops others, and creates scalable systems. He thrives in high-pressure, complex environments while bringing together diverse sets of stakeholders. Core competencies include: • Building high performing teams • Leadership development • Executive coaching • Organizational effectiveness • Change management • Strategic planning and implementation • Business development • Fundraising • Quantitative analysis

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