Bennett College’s Viral Fundraising Campaign Avoids Event Horizon

Based in Boston, Dr. Ari Betof is the president and founder of Organizational Sustainability Consulting, a company that works with educational and nonprofit organizations to optimize operational efficiency. Dr. Ari Betof works to ensure financial sustainability, consistent revenue growth, and effective public relations. In the 2019 Medium article “#StandWithBennett: A Real-Time Case Study in AvoidingContinue reading “Bennett College’s Viral Fundraising Campaign Avoids Event Horizon”

Good First Impressions Are Important for Organizations

The founder and president of Organizational Sustainability Consulting, Dr. Ari Betof advises senior nonprofit executives on institutional effectiveness. Recently, Dr. Ari Betof published an article that discusses the importance of first impressions from an organization point of view. First impressions matter. This applies to interactions between humans and interactions between a human and an organization.Continue reading “Good First Impressions Are Important for Organizations”