Ari Betof and Kelsey Vrooman to co-facilitate NYSAIS COVID-19 Financial Sustainability Webinar

NYSAIS eSeminar
Navigating the COVID-19 Independent School Financial Crisis
New York State Association of Independent Schools
Audience: Heads of School & Chief Financial Officers
Tuesday, April 7, 2020
11:00AM — 12:30PM ET


Independent schools must quickly prepare for the unprecedented financial sustainability challenges the COVID-19 global pandemic poses. Ongoing expense obligations coupled with potential declines in net tuition revenue, philanthropy, and auxiliary income risk creating a multi-stage crisis that will challenge all independent schools and may push schools in weaker positions past the point of viability.

NYSAIS invites heads of school to join in discussion with Ari Betof and Kelsey Vrooman as they model the combination of financial factors already impacting independent schools and those likely to arise in the weeks ahead.  Using example schools with differing levels of financial health, this webinar will drive home the importance of mission-driven, community-focused, data-informed decision making in response to financial challenges and offer strategies for school leaders in uncertain times.

Ari Betof, Ed.D is President of Organizational Sustainability Consulting. He is a nationally recognized expert in independent school organizational stewardship and financial sustainability.

Kelsey Vrooman is the founder and CEO of Actionable Institutional Research and Data, a firm providing outsourced data analytics and institutional research services for independent schools.

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