Cornell University’s Emerging Markets Institute Fellows Program

Dr. Ari Betof provides organizational sustainability and financial coaching to independent schools as the president and founder of Organizational Sustainability Consulting LLC in Massachusetts. Dr. Ari Betof is also Cornell University Emerging Market Institute (EMI) Fellow.

The EMI operates within the SC Johnson College of Business at Cornell University, a leading institution of higher education with campuses in New York, Italy, New Hampshire, Qatar, and Washington, D.C. Since its inception in 2010, the institute has provided academic leadership in the area of emerging markets while also preparing future business leaders to succeed in the global economy through programs like Columbia Trek and the EMI Fellows Program.

The EMI Fellows Program provides a platform for MBA students to supplement graduate coursework with research projects, study trips, and networking with international scholars. Fellows, who also participate in a global speaker series, must maintain at least six academic credits. In addition, each fellow must travel abroad for at least one study trip and complete a service or research project for the institute.

For further information on the EMI Fellows Program, visit

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