Ari Betof Discusses School Financial Stability during the Pandemic

Possessing a doctor of education from the University of Pennsylvania and decades of experience in educational leadership, Ari Betof serves as president of Organizational Sustainability Consulting. Ari Betof founded this organization two years ago to provide guidance in reaching financial and organizational goals along with leadership development. Recently, he appeared on a podcast hosted by the Enrollment Management Association (EMA) to discuss the steps that schools should be taking now to ensure continued financial solvency during the COVID-19 pandemic and in the coming period of recovery.

Many questions raised by the coronavirus pandemic remain unanswered. While most people now accept that the situation will not be back to normal come the fall, exactly how education will look for the coming school year remains a mystery among many educators. Schools may also struggle to understand the steps they should be taking during this period of uncertainty to maintain financial sustainability and continue being able to provide a fruitful educational experience.

The podcast, hosted by Peter Baron and Hans Mundahl from EMA, addresses these questions so that school leaders can develop a more strategic approach in the months to come. School boards and leaders will learn about some actionable items that can make them feel more secure moving into the next academic year. Individuals can listen to the podcast through the EMA website.

Published by aribetof

Ari Betof is a senior leader and management consultant with 15+ years of experience building sustainable organizations and maximizing revenue growth. He leverages a combination of expertise in organizational stewardship and transferable skills such as principal gift fundraising, quantitative analysis, and strategic planning to drive mission-aligned, high-impact change. Ari is an agile, savvy, and emotionally intelligent partner who achieves results, builds trusting relationships, develops others, and creates scalable systems. He thrives in high-pressure, complex environments while bringing together diverse sets of stakeholders. Core competencies include: • Building high performing teams • Leadership development • Executive coaching • Organizational effectiveness • Change management • Strategic planning and implementation • Business development • Fundraising • Quantitative analysis

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