How to Practice Organizational Stewardship to Sustain Operations

Having earned his doctor of education degree from the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education, Ari Betof leads Organizational Sustainability Consulting, OSC, in providing organizations, including nonprofit and private sector companies, with the tools they need to operate sustainably. Based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Ari Betof promotes the idea of organizational stewardship among the clients with which he works.

Organizational stewardship requires leaders to envision and act on efforts that will sustain them both financially and organizationally. For many leaders, that means taking an honest look at financial indicators, such as revenue and expenses, and planning ahead for how to realistically balance income and costs in the future while remaining mission aligned.

A number of financial and organizational concepts must be considered, including staffing. Leaders must hire talented and capable staff members that provide the resources needed to run the organization. At the same time, those same leaders must realistically build a budget for staffing that allows the organization to continue operating financially.

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