6 of the Reasons Why Bucks County, Pennsylvania Is the Best Destination for Cyclists and Runners


There’s nothing like getting outside for a day of biking or to go for a run. If you’re familiar with Bucks County, Pennsylvania, you’ll already be aware that this is an amazing location for either sport.

This part of the state is very bike-friendly and has some fantastic places for running. With a variety of interesting landscapes, safe and well-maintained paved trails, well-mapped routes and other resources, it’s no wonder that so many people favor the area.

Here are six reasons Bucks County is the perfect place for cyclists and runners alike.

1. Enjoy Spectacular Scenery

The county is known for rolling hills, wooded areas, and rural landscapes. This is in evidence on the 202 Parkway Trail. There, you can bike, hike, and run on 8.4 miles of paved path that follows a roadway and connects the towns of Doylestown, Warrington and Montgomery.

Tyler State Park offers gorgeous trails that travel through forests and wind along Neshaminy Creek. You’ll love getting your exercise in over 1,700 acres of dense woodland and picturesque farms. For a shorter run, but just as much nature, try Neshaminy State Park’s 4-mile track.

If you’re cycling or running on the 6-mile path in Peace Valley Park that takes you around 365-acre Lake Galena, you’re apt to see some of the area’s 250 species of birds. The Park has 14 miles of trail in all, accommodating if you want a longer run.

And if mountain biking is your thing, you might want to try riding or hiking the scenic trails in Ralph Rover State Park. They offer fantastic views of the surroundings atop a 200-foot rock cliff.

2. Immerse Yourself in History

You can also take in some of the history of the area while cycling or going for a run. For example, Bucks County has 12 incredible covered bridges, one of which has been standing since 1875. At an earlier time, there were 50 that connected towns across the Delaware River to support local commerce. Some paths go through these structures.

Another option is to go jogging or biking for a distance on the over 50 miles of towpath that shoulders the Delaware Canal. Revel in this architectural feat build in the early 1800s and admire the many camelback bridges.

Furthermore, select the towpath section that connects to the 500-acre Washington Crossing Historic Park. Make the park a rest stop and take in the history of the spot where General George Washington and his army crossed the Delaware River in 1776.

3. Make Family Memories

Bucks County is a marvelous area to make family memories. Plan a day out cycling with the kids or bond with your teenagers while jogging along one of the multitude of tracks.

Many of the routes mentioned have parks and picnic areas, as well as being excellent environments to observe wildlife. Family members, no matter their age, will be thrilled to see a deer or fox, or spy a colorful cardinal or finch.

4. Map Your Route

There are quite a number of biking and jogging trails in the county that are mapped online. This is one of the best ways to plan your route. You can decide ahead of time exactly where you want to go, learn about the type of terrain each pathway is on, see the distance options, find out about rest stops and places nearby to explore and know what you need to about parking lots.

For instance, TrailLink is a helpful resource that provides maps and other information about pathways around Doylestown. You can even view and post photos taken on the different routes. This is a wonderful way to celebrate your experience and share a sense of kinship with other cyclists and runners using the area.

5. Find Community

You may relish the prospect of a solitary run or bike trip through beautiful Bucks County. Alternatively, you might prefer to set out with one or more exercise buddies. Since this part of the state is such an amazing place for outdoor pursuits, it’s not hard to find a community. The county is home to quite a number of running and bicycling clubs that organize events and meet regularly. 

6. Build Endurance

If you’re a runner, jogger, or cyclist, then you know how these activities support your overall physical and mental health. Another benefit is that, over time, you can visualize and achieve endurance goals.

Many people in these sports take part in competitions and, if you’re so inclined, Bucks County has a schedule of races that you might want to look into (check regularly for changes due to COVID-19 restrictions). From short runs and cycles to relay runs and triathlons, there’s enough to choose from and you should be able to find something that appeals to you.

With everything for the individual runner and cyclist to people that pursue these pastimes as a family, Bucks County is a terrific location for your next adventure.

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