Cornell University’s Emerging Markets Institute Fellows Program

Dr. Ari Betof provides organizational sustainability and financial coaching to independent schools as the president and founder of Organizational Sustainability Consulting LLC in Massachusetts. Dr. Ari Betof is also Cornell University Emerging Market Institute (EMI) Fellow. The EMI operates within the SC Johnson College of Business at Cornell University, a leading institution of higher educationContinue reading “Cornell University’s Emerging Markets Institute Fellows Program”

Good First Impressions Are Important for Organizations

The founder and president of Organizational Sustainability Consulting, Dr. Ari Betof advises senior nonprofit executives on institutional effectiveness. Recently, Dr. Ari Betof published an article that discusses the importance of first impressions from an organization point of view. First impressions matter. This applies to interactions between humans and interactions between a human and an organization.Continue reading “Good First Impressions Are Important for Organizations”

Private Schools and Antitrust Laws

Dr. Ari Betof is the president and owner of Organizational Sustainability Consulting. An advisor to senior professionals in education and the nonprofit sector, Dr. Ari Betof provides consultancy services on governance and operations issues, such as his recent work with NJAIS on antitrust laws. Antitrust laws apply to educational nonprofits just as they apply toContinue reading “Private Schools and Antitrust Laws”

Importance of Antitrust Training Among Private Education Institutions

  An established Boston professional, Ari Betof (Ed.D.) leads Organizational Sustainability Consulting, LLC, and works collaboratively with board members and leaders of independent membership organizations and colleges. In a recent Medium article, Dr. Ari Betof described his experience attending the New Jersey Association of Independent Schools (NJAIS) Finance Officers Conference and taking part in theContinue reading “Importance of Antitrust Training Among Private Education Institutions”