The Leadership Brainery Offers National Ambassador Fellowships

President of Organizational Sustainability Consulting, where he coaches executives on institutional leadership and effectiveness. In addition to his consulting work, Ari Betof regularly speaks on leadership and governance topics. He supports a spectrum of organizations, inclduing The Leadership Brainery in Boston, MA. A nonprofit group, The Leadership Brainery helps underrepresented and first-generation college students accessContinue reading “The Leadership Brainery Offers National Ambassador Fellowships”

The Need for Financial Crisis Simulations

A consultant to senior leaders at nonprofit organizations, Dr. Ari Betof is the president of Organizational Sustainability Consulting, LLC. In an article on his Medium website titled “Fiscal Fire Bubbles – The Case For Financial Crisis Simulation,” Dr. Ari Betof states that while active-shooter exercises have sadly become routine in workplaces and schools, a massContinue reading “The Need for Financial Crisis Simulations”

False Optimism Is Detrimental to An Organization’s Mission

The founder of Organizational Sustainability Consulting, LLC, Dr. Ari Betof assists senior nonprofit leaders to achieve their mission and overcome fiscal challenges. One of the areas of focus of his consulting work is the phenomenon of false optimism. While leaders should be positive about their mission, they should not be blinded by it. Dr. AriContinue reading “False Optimism Is Detrimental to An Organization’s Mission”

How Board Hubris Can Lead to Unrealistic Organizational Goals

A respected Boston-area consultant, Ari Betof, Ed.D., is experienced in team-building and the development of sustainable organizational leadership in the educational and nonprofit sectors. In his Medium article, “The Seduction of False Optimism,” Dr. Ari Betof lays out the ways in which the power of positive organizational thinking can also lead to fundamental misunderstandings ofContinue reading “How Board Hubris Can Lead to Unrealistic Organizational Goals”