The National Association of Independent Schools Hosts Annual Event

Dr. Ari Betof studied educational leadership at the University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education. His doctoral dissertation was earned with distinction, and he eventually graduated with his doctor of education degree. Now based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Ari Betof founded Organizational Sustainability Consulting, LLC, to provide nonprofits and schools with the tools they need toContinue reading “The National Association of Independent Schools Hosts Annual Event”

Ari Betof Discusses School Financial Stability during the Pandemic

Possessing a doctor of education from the University of Pennsylvania and decades of experience in educational leadership, Ari Betof serves as president of Organizational Sustainability Consulting. Ari Betof founded this organization two years ago to provide guidance in reaching financial and organizational goals along with leadership development. Recently, he appeared on a podcast hosted byContinue reading “Ari Betof Discusses School Financial Stability during the Pandemic”

The Business of Managing Education After COVID

Dr. Ari Betof is the president of Organizational Sustainability Consulting, LLC in Brookline, Massachusetts. In this role, Dr. Ari Betof assists academic institutions at the collegiate and K-12 levels in finding financially sustainable solutions. Recently, he has assisted this same population by finding financial solutions during this current COVID pandemic through his webinars that haveContinue reading “The Business of Managing Education After COVID”