Conflict Management Can Lead to Positive Organizational Growth


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Conflict Management

Based in Brookline, Massachusetts, Dr. Ari Betof leads Organizational Sustainability Consulting, LLC, as founder and president. Ari Betof provides in-depth coaching to senior executives and boards of trustees on topics ranging from team-building to conflict management.

While some executives strive to keep conflict out of their organizations, experts often point out that, when successfully managed, conflict can be a healthy means of furthering an institution’s growth.

By pinpointing the origins of a conflict, analyzing its context, recognizing divergent viewpoints, and facilitating agreement on common-ground issues, an executive can gain new insights into the dynamics and challenges of his or her organization. Moreover, the resolution to the conflict can help build a stronger strategic infrastructure for the entire team going forward.

Conflicts can stimulate greater productive employee involvement with the organization and spark productive conversations between front-line staff and leadership. Additionally, the successful resolution of a conflict can forge closer ties among staff as they come away from the situation with an increased understanding of new perspectives. In this respect, conflict management becomes a powerful tool for team-building and morale-boosting, as well as creating a thriving culture within an organization.

Ultimately, conflict can produce new ideas that benefit the organization in any sector, as employees and leaders alike feel free to offer honest criticism and suggestions for improvement.