OSC Announces Opening of New Office in the Philadelphia Area

  An experienced educational leader, Ari Betof holds a doctor of education in educational leadership from the University of Pennsylvania. Two years ago, Ari Betof leveraged his experience to found Organizational Sustainability Consulting (OSC). This firm provides strategic guidance to school leaders and helps develop educational administrators to better prepare them to make key organizationalContinue reading “OSC Announces Opening of New Office in the Philadelphia Area”

How Schools and Colleges Should Respond to Coronavirus Pandemic

Cornell Emerging Markets Institute fellow Ari Betof has years of experience in institutional leadership and has advised organizations such as the New England Association of Schools and Colleges and the Southern Association of Schools and Colleges. On Jan. 28, 2020, Dr. Ari Betof published an article on Medium offering early insight into how leaders inContinue reading “How Schools and Colleges Should Respond to Coronavirus Pandemic”

The Business of Managing Education After COVID

Dr. Ari Betof is the president of Organizational Sustainability Consulting, LLC in Brookline, Massachusetts. In this role, Dr. Ari Betof assists academic institutions at the collegiate and K-12 levels in finding financially sustainable solutions. Recently, he has assisted this same population by finding financial solutions during this current COVID pandemic through his webinars that haveContinue reading “The Business of Managing Education After COVID”

Navigating the COVID-19 Independent School Financial Crisis

The president of Organizational Sustainability Consulting, Ari Betof provides a wide variety of services for the board members and leaders of private sector companies and nonprofits. Ari Betof responded to the COVID-19 crisis by co-hosting a series of webinar presentations titled “Navigating the COVID-19 Independent School Financial Crisis.” Designed to support the heads of schoolsContinue reading “Navigating the COVID-19 Independent School Financial Crisis”